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I work in partnership with my clients on their health and wellness journey. I have treated children as young as 2 years old, adults in their 70s, and all ages in between. Check out what my clients are saying about my work:


I had been dealing with horrible allergies for months until I met Michele. She was able to make them all go away. My allergies were affecting my sleep and it felt like I had a never-ending cold. I would wake up every morning in a coughing and sneezing fit. I really was miserable. When I first heard about Michele's treatment, I was skeptical, but I had heard good things about it so I thought I would give it a go. I am so pleased that I did! Michele is super intuitive, smart, and kind. She immediately put my anxieties at ease by her gentle ways. I couldn't believe that I had immediate relief. After 6 sessions, all of my symptoms were completely gone. I'm so grateful to her. - S.W.


Michele introduced me to a new way of physical and emotional healing. She does powerful work that I know every person could benefit from. I had whiplash and went to the chiropractor 7 times and had 4 massages. Nothing helped until I saw Michele and she worked her magic. She was also able to heal some pesky digestive issues I was having by working on my gallbladder which got rid of a lot of discomfort I was having after eating meals. I have learned so much  about my physical and emotional wellness through my work with Michele. - B.C


The biophoton treatments offered by Michele have changed my life.  I've always preferred a natural approach to health and wellness and biophoton is the perfect solution. What makes Michele's treatments special is her whole body approach, in which she uses a combination of intuition and treatments to relieve your body of toxins that are agitating your system. I struggled with nerves for years, always putting the pressure on myself to calm down and deal with stress by focusing on my responsibilities. Michele explained that toxins in your body can aggravate your nervous system and I saw the difference in my disposition immediately after starting treatments. I felt calmer than I had in years. This revelation, that biophoton could help me achieve balance, has made it a mainstay in my life. - J.C.



When I came to Michele, my thyroid was completely out of whack and I was feeling tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed. After working with her for a few months, my thyroid got completely back into alignment with no medication. I feel so much more at home in my body and I have vitality. Not only is it due to Michele's biophoton work, but it is also because she is a profound healer and being in her presence is a phenomenal experience. I still go and see her, along with my daughters, to continue creating wellness, vitality, and more joy and happiness in my life. She is an absolute gift and I highly recommend her. - A.A.



My family and some of our very good friends went on a trip to Mexico for spring break. We were all excited and so happy when we arrived. The next day we went to the beach and all of the kids and some of the adults played in the water and swam around having a really good time. The next day we came back to the beach but I wasn't feeling so good. My dad decided to take me back to the hotel and then I started throwing up. We thought it was food poisoning at first but then every single person got it. It was a very scary moment for all of us. When we got back home, I still wasn't feeling well so I went to several doctor appointments and missed many days of school. It was about 1.5 months later and I still wasn't feeling well so I went to Michele, she treated me, and found out exactly what it was. Instantly after that treatment, I felt so much better. Thank you, Michele! - E. P. (age 12)


I had severe stomach pains; they happened almost every single day. In the middle of school, I would miss class periods and lunch because I was stuck in the bathroom. It got so bad that I fainted twice and had to go to the hospital. Thankfully, Michele offered to give me a treatment. When I first arrived, we examined my hands and feet using her machine. She used a tool that checked all my acupuncture points. We discovered that I had intestinal problems, salmonella (a type of food poisoning), and circulation issues. Then, she gave me her first treatment where I held two rods. After about 10 minutes, she removed the rods from my hands and we scheduled my next appointment. After the first appointment, I felt some differences: less stomach pain and I felt more relaxed. At my next appointment, we tested my points again, and immediately noticed that my symptoms had decreased. We did a similar treatment from the last but this time it was a bit longer. After this treatment, you would not believe the tremendous difference in my stomach pains. It went from 7 stomach aches a week to 7 in 2 months! I highly recommend doing a treatment, it will make a huge difference in your life, just as it did mine. - O.B. (age 12)

Michele Colgan

Energy healing because energy is everything

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