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Heal naturally without relying on drugs or surgery


​​Are you suffering from nagging or chronic health problems that you can't seem to get to the bottom of? Have you been told that your only options are drugs, surgery, or "just live with it?" There's another option: Biophoton (meaning "life" and "light") is an energy healing modality that helps the body heal itself. It identifies the pathogens (environmental toxins, heavy metals, or harmful bacteria or viruses) that are keeping the body from operating optimally and then helps the body rid itself of these pathogens. Once the body gets on top of these pathogens, it can function as it was meant to--giving you greater wellness and vitality. More.

The Emotion Code

And just like external pathogens can prevent our energy from flowing smoothly, negative emotions can become trapped in our body and cause the energy to become blocked or stagnant. The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality that identifies these trapped emotions and removes them from the body.  This is a very straight forward process that does not involve discussing the emotional event so it can be especially therapeutic for individuals who have suffered from trauma yet equally helpful for everyday issues like work or relationship stress. More.


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Michele Colgan

Energy healing because energy is everything

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